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friGate CDN Proxy – Unlock a site


Frigate of the last period is the most widely used program. What does this program do ? I’ll be brief. A brief description of entry this program is blocked sites you can. You can easily get the sites disabled. You’ll freely on the internet. No such thing as a banned site. All thanks to this program.
Is restricted to certain sites in every country. In other words restricts your freedom. This programme provides entrance to all sites on the internet, visit it freely.
All responsibility while visiting banned sites are the responsibility of the user. All of the users data is hidden. Will not share your information with another person.
The basic logic of the site you want to reach with this application in another country through a computer input. Your IP address is kept confidential.
This program is very simple and easy to use. You can easily add it as a plugin for your Chrome browser. You can install the program on the web store and start using immediately.

Important notes: programs that use the network to connect to the internet via the VPN system they create and allow all your traffic to be able to read the programs that should be used with caution because they have the opportunity.

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