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LastPass For Chrome


LastPass for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari to make web browsing more secure with, that protects all of your passwords under a single paralo advanced, secure, and free password Manager.

Remember your passwords with a single master password last!
Login with a single click. Stop typing in passwords!
Sync between browsers. Multiple browser/computer are you using? LastPass your passwords are synchronized in a secure manner.
Automatic form filling automatically fill out forms with!
Share with your friends, passwords, by e-mail to stop sending out!
Export the data. Take control of their data!
Protect your data with phishing protection
Create secure passwords. Bring passwords to make it stronger!
Keep secure notes! Other important types of data safely!
Access from the USB disk. Backup and restore from USB!
Import your data. Use the existing data!
Single-Use passwords. Keystroke recorder program for protection!
The backup and Restore tool never worries do not have a password don’t forget! Use lastpass to access your passwords from an untrusted computer or network your master password, lastpass, and I have no concerns about disposable cellar.
AVI identity theft protection for attacks with password protection! Protect yourself against phishing sites from exposing your login information automatically. Any phishing site, lastpass will automatically fill your login information does not.
Access from everywhere. Contact your passwords anywhere! To your data from home, from work or an Internet cafe online at access over.


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